First of all, thank you everyone for your patience in bringing you the “Lost Roo”. We would like to clarify that we are currently undergoing staff training and operational procedures, as well as equipment checks. Because of this, we are not yet open on a regular schedule. It is important for us to be ready to provide you with the type of experience and service you deserve. Please feel free to call us on 360-642-4329, with any questions regarding our opening times, they will be irregular until advertised locally and on our website.

We would also like to thank David & Laurie from the Shelburne Inn and Michael & Nancy from the Depot Restaurant. We were honored to be welcomed into the community by two very respected and long standing businesses. THANK YOU.

Mark and Helen Johnson


  • Congratulations on the gorgeous new website! I can’t wait to return to the peninsula and enjoy your amazing menu… over and over again!

  • Lynn:

    Lost Roo looks amazing! Certainly an “outback” experience not to be missed! The culinary delights are rivaled only by the cool atmosphere!

  • delorese miller:

    I am from oklahoma city, ok and my sister lives in ocean park, she was telling that this place had changed owners, it was pretty much a dive the last time I was there some years ago. She gave me this web address to take a look at how great a job you have done with the place It looks great, next time I am there I will come and take a look too. Great job.