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  • Marilyn:

    Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration going on this year?

    Thanks. Our group is looking for a fun place to go. Marilyn

  • Jenny:

    I was at your amazing restaurant this past Saturday and had a beer brewed in Chehalis, it was a raspberry Belgian I believe. Anyway it was amazing and would love to know who the manufacturer of that fine beer was?



  • Bill Bang:

    Can I still get the tempura prawns? They are great. Had the coconut prawns and prefer the tempura. How about it can I order them?

  • Ann Saari:

    Do you have a full bar? My college room mate is coming and she loves a good martini and steak. We know where to get the steak. 🙂 but now… for the martini??

  • Phil clark:

    Great place always good food . When is bbq night? We like to eat at the lost roo.

  • Suzanne Krause:

    It would be great if you offered just a few more vegetarian options. When my daughter and I do, she’s pretty much stuck with the Caprese sandwich. Not that it’s a bad choice; it would just be nice to have a tofu option of some of the dishes, or at least a veggie burger available.


  • Alan Mackay:

    Hi Helen & Mark

    I hope you are doing great!

    We keep going back to the original Roo’s Leap trying to relive the great days. Probably still a goldmine but the quality is sh*te.
    Montrose misses you.

    All the best

    Alan Mackay

  • Susan Christiansen:

    Was there yesterday. Food was great. Had chowder, crab melt and bucket of shrimp.

  • Mel:

    do you have a happy hour and if so, whats available? tnanks

  • The first time at the Roo, my husband and I were welcomed with smiles, great service, and great food. Today we’re going for the second time to watch a college football game and I’m looking forward to it for the same reasons. I love the smell of fun times and good food. It even smells good at the Roo.

  • Julie Postle:

    Planning a wedding in Long Beach on June 12th, Thursday. Wondering if you cater, or if your restaurant would be available for approximately 65 folks in the evening?

    Love to hear from you!

    Julie P.

  • Brandon:

    Hello I placed a to go order today and ordered the Ahi side dish which was 12 dollars as you well know. When I got home and opened the package I found 4 very small slices of Ahi in my package which roughly makes them 3 dollars a slice . Now while they tasted great seasoned well etc 3 dollars per slice is outrageous had I known that I would only get 4 slices I would have skipped this side dish as every restaurant I have ever ordered this in even here locally that serve it provide you with at least 6 usually more never ever I could have bought a ahi steak and cooked triple that ammount for less than the 12.

  • paul:

    where do you get your tippy glasses. can a person purchase.

  • Rita McQuiston:

    Will you be open on Christmas Day? If so, are you serving your regular menu? And are you taking reservations?

    Thanks, Rita