Welcome to the Lost Roo!

We are officially open for business!

  • Congratulations! I am so excited about Lost Roo I can’t wait until it’s open! I love your pictures and up-dates of the construction process, but those pictures of Kanga and Joey are a kick! You guys are Brilliant! Cheers!

  • Been watching the new roof go on – looks like things are moving along. Looking forward to the grand opening!

  • Congratulations guys, I can’t wait to go back to Aus to visit the place! It’s always such a pleasure to see you both, and I wish you both all the luck in the world with the Lost Roo!



  • Sally Wright:

    I’ve been watching since day one and can’t wait until you open. Your putting so much time and effort into it that I know it will just be fantastic. It looks like it is going to be awesome!

  • Frank:

    can’t wait for the grand opening! When oh when will it be, mates! Fosters????

  • Udell and Cathy Shaw:

    From day one we have watched as you’ve transformed the tavern into a show place we can’t wait to visit! To have a first class restaurant/bar/grill we can afford to frequent with pleasure, is somethng to be excited about.
    We hope to be one of the first to dine on opening day!

  • My first visit today – had lunch there today with my girlfriends. We all LOVED it. Loved food, loved the atmosphere, loved the service. We’ve lived in Astoria for 11 years… and hands down [under] your blue roo burger was the best burger I’ve had in the Clatsop/Pacific Co. area.

    We’ll be back many times to come!

  • Brent:

    Had lunch at the “Roo” today. It was wonderful. Had the signature burger and a couple beers. The staff was pleasant and kept me company while I was here. The food is good and the place is clean. Very relaxing. Thank you for a wonderful late lunch.

  • Anne Ward-Ryan:

    Hi Helen and Mark! It was wonderful seeing both of you and eating at your new restaurant. I loved the Flat Iron steak salad. I also really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Kanga and Joey on your website. Almost as good as seeing them in person.

    See you again soon I hope!

  • Roxie:

    I see…You only post comments that are “positive” feedback…Not anything that might make a business owner want to invite the unhappy customers back for a 2nd chance…Which we would love, if you offered a good enough reason. We spend ALOT of time in Long Beach, but have found that eating in Astoria is always a good experience. We’d LOVE to stay in Long Beach for that instead…

  • John and Patti Dybdahl.:

    EXCELLENT food, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. Two thumbs up.

  • Jim & Eileen:

    We finally visited (long overdue) and are glad to have another fabulous eatery and hangout. A job well done, fantastic food and service unrivaled anywhere (Brittany).

    We be back soon.